Disconnect | Reconnect Spring 2020

Digital Detox Retreat for Entrepreneurs & Visionaries

April 20-23, 2020

Apache Junction, AZ

Disconnect | Reconnect Spring 2020 Has Been Postponed Due To Covid-19.
We will be rescheduling for later in the year.
Stay healthy!


Disconnect | Reconnect is a 4-day retreat for Founders, CEO’s and business leaders to give themselves space to breathe, get perspective and tackle their biggest, most thorny challenges.

One of the most challenging aspects for entrepreneurs is constantly being in reaction mode. The never-ending cascade of emails, calls, and daily fires makes it almost impossible to get the perspective to make critical business and life decisions.

Disconnect | Reconnect is dedicated to giving business leaders space so that they are able to reconnect with their deeper selves, regain their center – and solve their biggest challenges.

Leveraging the latest research on brain activity, creative thinking and problem solving, Disconnect | Reconnect offers a sequence of specifically designed activities that reduce noise and distraction, creating space for expansive thinking and breakthrough problem solving.

D|R does this by fusing 4 key elements:


You give up your phone upon arrival. No internet. No TV.  No Socials
The distractions and interruptions of digital life have dramatically increased task switching, reducing our ability to focus for extended periods of time. The quiet and space you will feel from being disconnected creates the environment for transformational breakthroughs. This is key. If you are not down with this, D|R is not for you.
I couldn’t believe how many insights came in just 76 hours without my phone.
Aaron Reid, Founder & CEO Sentient Decision Science


All Disconnect | Reconnect events feature immersion in spectacular nature. Stunning hikes, star gazing, and a signature adventure such as white water rafting, hot air ballooning or another epic adventure that will force you to become fully present.
D|R Spring 2020 is located in Apache Junction, AZ in the foothills of the spectacular Superstition Mountains.
Our signature adventure for Spring 2020 will be white water rafting on the Upper Salt River, in the Salt River Canyon, a hidden gem just a few hours outside of Phoenix.
We’ll also experience an incredible night hike and stargazing adventure, taking advantage of the incredible night sky that the Arizona desert has to offer.
The scenery and vistas are amazing and will create a sense of perspective and spaciousness that will literally change your brainwaves.
I think of it as expansiveness. We have a beautiful backdrop. We have a big house, big ideas come from these big experiences.
Will Leach, Founder & CEO Triggerpoint Design


Your time at D|R will be very structured so your decision load will reduced to an absolute minimum. After you arrive, everything will be taken care of.
As part of the agenda, you will have specific down time with NOTHING to do. You will be able to walk or use your suggested journaling activities. Or nap. Or play solitaire or dominoes. The less you do the better.
As the noise and stress of your entrepreneurial life fade, you will find that your own voice re-emerges. You will reconnect with your whole self and what is really driving you – and you will see even your most intractable challenges with new clarity and perspective.


Each D|R is limited to 7 carefully curated entrepreneurs. With the strictest confidentiality in place, we’ll have specific facilitated sessions to present and process your biggest issue. Bring your biggest issue to process with peers. (And be prepared to go deep as underlying issues are revealed.)
I think what really attracted me was the caliber of people that were going to come in and share this experience with me.
Will Leach, Founder & CEO Triggerpoint Design


Our retreat house with stunning vistas of the Superstition Mountains will serve as base camp for activities. This house is a stunning oasis featuring a heated pool and outdoor living areas. This setting will provide a sense of quiet and space for reconnection and breakthrough thinking.


Disconnect|Reconnect is dedicated to creating lasting breakthroughs. This is not a what happens here stays here experience.
Each retreat includes a private 90 minute coaching session before and after the retreat. Each attendee brings an important challenge they are facing and comes away with an action plan and the support to implement it.
In addition, each attendee receives a custom journal to capture their essential thinking and breakthrough perspectives.
Something bigger than I ever thought was going to come out of this happened. If you’re leaning towards it and you’re not quite sure, don’t think about it, just do it.
Will Leach
Founder & CEO, Triggerpoint Design
You’re not gonna realize how good this is for you. You won’t realize it before you do it. And then you get here, when you do this and you envelop yourself in this environment and with these kinds of people, things change …
Aaron Reid
Founder & CEO, Sentient Decision Science
This was a really fun and powerful experience.  And the best part… transformation happened, perspectives shifted, and businesses were changed for the better.I feel 100% confident recommending CEO’s and founders to this retreat after having experienced it myself.
Michael Knouse
Business & Life Coach
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