3 Things Keeping You From Growing Sales

Steve August
October 20, 2022
Customer Creation Flywheel

If I could only solve one single challenge for Founders, what would it be?

Answer:  Accelerate scalable product-market fit and sales.

Because if you figure out this challenge, you have the fuel to figure out all the other challenges.

But it’s a big challenge for any B2B business. And there are so many variables and angles on it that it can be overwhelming for First-Time Founders to figure out how to crack it.

So broke it down into 3 key things that keep you from product-market fit and scaling sales.

  • Too much Sales Friction
  • Not Enough Customer Conversations
  • Everything At Once Overwhelm

In this week’s episode of the Rocket Ship Business Academy  Podcast, I walk through these 3 blocks and what you need to do to clear them.


PS If you need to break through these urgently, the first 2x Accelerator for scalable market fit and sales is kicking off on October 31. The outcome is simple: To increase your product-market fit and sales velocity by 2x in six weeks. Write me at steve@steveaugustcoaching.com with the word “2x” to learn more.

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