From Founder to CEO: 3 Key Transformations

Steve August
April 14, 2022
5 Rules for Rocket Ships

You get the Founder title by starting something amazing. You also get the CEO title, but the reality is you have to keep re-earning that title until you've made at every stage of the company.

Founder to CEO is one of the most challenging transitions for Founders to navigate successfully, as it demands shedding old models of working and embracing behaviors that sometimes feel counter to what got you this far. But often it's a Founders' ability to make this transition that makes the difference between a promising company breaking out or languishing.

Going from Seed Stage Founder to confident Growth Stage CEO requires Founders to make 3 key transformations:

Recognize that Founder and CEO are different gigs
Realize that sales & marketing are your growth engines
Stop doing and start building the org that can do.

Rather than spell this all out in a long email, I've started up a podcast called Rocket Ship Business Academy. In this episode (my first!), I describe these 3 transformations, how to navigate them, and why the Seed Founder to Growth CEO is one of the hardest transformations to make.

Have a listen and let me know what you think - find it here!

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