Growing Sales: The 4 Founder Blindspots

Steve Augusat
September 8, 2022
5 Rules for Rocket Ships

As typical of many Founders, I was always looking for the silver bullet: that one thing that would enable us to bust through and get that rocket ship momentum.

We need a killer new product or feature, I’d think.
​Or we'll get on Hubspot and when the content happens it’s all gonna take off.
  ​Or now that we’ve spent a fortunate on Salesforce, it’s gonna happen.
     ​Or I know, we’ll adopt ABM (account based management) or some other sales methodology.

But those plateaus were stubborn. All of the above promised breakthrough sales but the reality was that nothing delivered them for us.

Maybe this is you. Maybe you are in an early stage and trying to get product-market fit. Or may your business had been growing, but sales are increasingly harder.
After finally getting an exit on my first startup, and then after starting two other businesses, I started to see the blindspots I had that were keeping me from getting sales were I wanted them.

In this week's Rocket Ship Business Academy ​Podcast, I give you the 4 deadliest sales blindspots. Knowing these blindspots will help you unlock your next level sales. I discuss:

  • The essential element that makes all sales go
  • How your Founder type is sabotaging your sales
  • Why sales plateaus happen
  • And….the secret to scaling sales

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