Help for Managing Stress and Burnout

Steve August
February 24, 2021
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The final question in my Founder Type Quiz is “When it comes to growing your business to the next level, what is your current biggest challenge?

While people listed challenges you would expect — finding product market fit, getting funding, growing sales, building on our team — one particular challenge really stuck out.

The challenge that really stuck out: managing stress and burnout.

Not only was it the most identified challenge, it transcended all the different revenue levels and Founder Types.

So whether you are a Type V, E, B, or O, and no matter what stage your business is in, at some point your biggest challenge will be managing stress and burnout.

The good news is you are not alone. Creating and building a business is a hero’s journey full of twists and turns. And there can be some really deep lows.

When I was leading my first startup, I remember one particularly low moment where I was so tired and stressed that I literally broke down sobbing in the middle of a hotel swimming pool (Fortunately I was the only one in the pool that afternoon!). I guarantee you that every Founder has had a “swimming pool moment” at some point.

I want to offer some help for those of you who are dealing with stress and burnout.

One of the things that continues to get me through challenging times (and yes I still have them), is reading the works of great thinkers and philosophers who have stood the test of time.

It’s amazing how a single quote can change your whole perspective on a problem. A simple turn of phrase can open up new opportunities and perspectives.

So I’ve created an e-book that takes 33 of my favorite quotes from great thinkers like Alan Watts, Thich Nhat Hahn, Marcus Aurelius, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa, and many others - and I’ve added my commentary specific to the issues that Seed Stage Founders face.

It’s called “33 Meditations for Seed Stage Founders,” and for a limited period, I’m offering it for free.

Go here to download it today and grab some peace of mind.

And remember, entrepreneurship is one of the greatest platforms for personal growth ever devised. It’s a crucible where if you are paying attention, your challenges will forge you into a more realized you.

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