How My Boss Metric Powers My Custom Coach Client Workspaces

Steve August
March 17, 2022
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One of the most powerful things about identifying your business's boss metric is how it focuses everything you do.

Case in point, I've just updated my Client workspace.

I coach Founders to become the CEO their company needs.

My Boss Metric is Insights Co-Created. I know if I can work with a Founder to create at least one impactful insight during our sessions, their progress and growth accelerate dramatically.

And if I keep focusing on providing that impact, my business will grow.

So I've re-imagined my Notion-based Client Workspace so we are capturing and compiling every Insight I co-create with my Founder clients (as well as issues and action items)

This has created an incredible impact for my clients and I can see clearly how I am performing on my Boss Metric.

What's your business' Boss Metric?

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