Hubspot Disillusion

Over the past few months, I've repeatedly heard the same lament from business owners and Founders. I call it Hubspot Disillusionment. It goes something like this...

"We got Hubspot (or other marketing automation software) and we got it all set up. We're constantly blogging and putting out content pieces, but we aren't seeing enough conversions. Our email list is growing OK, but our business isn't. When are we going to see things pop?"

Not to pick on Hubspot, but unfortunately this is all too common an experience when businesses invest in marketing automation tools. I've experienced it myself earlier in my career with my first startup and even when I was CMO of a 400 person company.

Hubspot and other marketing automation software make enticing promises. Just sign on and use their systems, and you will be inevitably be showered with customers.

So you do and pay a good chunk of money. The software works just like it did in the demo, and you are pumping out content. You get lots of pats on the back, but no lift. No ROI.

Spending more money and effort to get the same amount sales is not a good feeling.

What gives?

In my experience there are three issues at the heart of Hubspot Disillusionment:

1. Not marketing and selling from a solid foundation
Marketing will not succeed if it's not working from the foundation of Ruthless Clarity on:

  • Clear picture of the 3 levels of customer pain (financial, emotional, aspirational)
  • Clear understanding of how you solve the customer's pain
  • Customer avatar with clear catalyst to buy
  • Thoroughly mapped out customer journey from awareness to repeat purchase

Without this foundation, you can't effectively guide prospects through the journey to becoming a customer. Your content will not be effective, no matter how much you create or what tools you use.

2. Thinking the tool will give you the template
In some ways, marketing automation companies do too good of a job selling you on their merits. Their premise is that if you just use their templates, everything will come together. But if you don't have your Foundation set, their templates will give you some nice designs but not the impact you want.

Hubspot and all other are great pieces of software for automating effort. But they are only going to be as good as what you put into them.

3. Thinking B2B inbound marketing will eliminate the need for outbound sales
This is really important. Marketing automation tools do their best to convince you that if you only do inbound marketing well enough customers will fall like rain. But in B2B, this just isn't the case. There's no getting around the it if you want to grow predictably -  you need to have a robust outbound sale effort.

Effective outbound sales requires you to learn how to quickly create relationships and communicate your value. If you can get skilled at outbound sales, your marketing will also become 3x more effective.

I've had so many of these Hubspot Disillusionment conversations recently that I've decided to create Customer Flywheel Program to address it!

Does Hubspot Disillusion resonate with you? Do you feel like you are putting in a lot of money and effort without getting the return? Would you like to create an amazing foundation, nail outbound sales and create more predictable growth and revenue?

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