Ruthless Simplicity (Your Real Job)

Steve August
November 17, 2022

When I was running my first startup, I loved solving complex problems and creating elegant solutions. As a Type V - Visionary Evangelist Founder Type it was (and is) my jam. And I had a good talent for it.

But like a lot of things that helped me in the early stages of my business, my love of creating elegant solutions for complex problems ended up working against us.

How could that be?

Here’s how. One of the biggest killers of growth is complexity. When you start out with your business, things are naturally simple. You have one product. You have a co-founder or a small team. You (hopefully) have a pretty clear handle on the pain you solve for people.

But as the company grows, complexity starts creeping in. Different customer types, different product decisions, staffing decisions, sales channels, pricing models, etc.

One of the hardest lessons I learned about being a Founder/CEO is that complexity is your enemy. Your real job is to create what I call Ruthless Simplicity.

In this week’s episode of the Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast, I cover:

  • Why I call it Ruthless Simplicity
  • How you know you need it, and what it gives you
  • 3 steps to creating Ruthless Simplicity

If you are struggling with stubborn challenges, this episode will give you a powerful lens to see your way through.

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