Sell Your Way to Product-Market Fit

Steve August
September 29, 2022

This month is all about troubleshooting sales, the most common pressing challenge selected by the 2000+ founders who have taken my Founder Type Quiz.

One of the biggest challenges for any Founder or business is Product-Market fit. Often product-market fit is seen as a distinct challenge than sales. But in my experience, looking at product-market fit as a specific type of sales challenge is really helpful.

In this weeks episode of the Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast, I talk through:

1.  Breaking down sales into three core components: traffic, conversion and economics.
2. What sales looks like at 0-1, 1-100, 100-1000 stages of your business
3. Which component to focus on in product-market fit
4. How your Founder Type impacts how you sell
5. Key gotchas with early stage sales
6. What absolutely not to do when working product-market fit

And remember: you can’t scale the hard sale!

Have a question you want covered on the podcast? Reach out to me at

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