Stop Asking If They Want to Learn More

Do you ever feel like you spend a ton of time and effort to create great content, only to just get a pat on the back?

People tell you your content is really interesting and informative. You get a bunch likes and some comments saying how awesome your post was. That feels good.

But then you don't get sales from those people. That doesn't feel so good.

So what gives? How do you get better return on your content?

Here's a couple of things that could be holding back you content - and how to fix them.

1. Asking people if they want to learn more
One of the classic sign offs of a content piece is, "If you'd like to learn more about our products/service/solutions, get in touch!"

What's wrong with this? Don't we want people to learn more about our products and services?!

Well, yeah, we do, but even more we want them to know exactly what pain we are going to solve for them and why they need to get in touch now.

To do this, we need to make it about them. I'll use coaching as an example. Instead of asking if someone wants to learn more, ask...

Are you ready to break through your current sales plateau?
Are you ready to transform your business into the business you truly want?
Are you ready to get unstuck?

Then let's talk. Here's my scheduler link.

All of these questions are there to help people figure out if they are ready to act now. Then give them the clear action step.

2. Not agitating the pain
Wow, this sounds uncomfortable. But it's the key to setting up Tip #1 above. To move people to action you need to help them see how much it's costing them to stay as they are now.

The key to this is nailing the pain you are really solving for them, and helping them really feel it. This is what takes your content from a nice to have, pat on the back piece to something that generates qualified prospect conversations.  

If feel like your business has been stuck at the same revenue level for too long, you are right to be concerned. Studies show that businesses that are able to rapidly grow their revenue are able to invest in new offerings, expand their marketing footprint, and hire the best people to build their teams.

Those same studies show that businesses that get stuck too long lag their competitors, struggle to develop new offerings and find themselves unable to grow their teams.

If your businesses is stuck, it's critical that you quickly address the situation. There are three patterns that explain why this is happening for you....knowing which pattern will give you the map to break through and rapidly accelerate your business.

Every piece of content you create needs to move people to the next step of their journey.  Your post/white paper/report doesn't help people better understand their situation and give them the path to move to the next step of the journey. If it doesn't  you are likely to get lots of pats on the back - but not the sales you want.

PS Are You Ready to Get Unstuck? I've got just a couple of spots open for my 1:1 coaching. I’m offering a free, no obligation clarity session where we can work through a game changing issue for you. Schedule here.

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