The 5 Disciplines of Rocket Ship Founders

When I started out as a Founder, I believed that product innovation and brilliance was THE key to creating Rocket Ship success.However, business is a merciless teacher.

As my first startup grew in fits and starts (and was outgrown by competitors with less innovative products), I learned the hard lesson that product/service brilliance only gets you so far.

It's the ability to execute, to effectively guide a team and consistently create customers that compounds over time and ultimately creates the Rocket Ship. As a first time Founder I wish somebody had broken down exactly what I needed to master to really make my company take off.

In this Rocket Ship Business Academy episode, I do just that. In twelve minutes, I break down the 5 disciplines Rocket Ship Founders must master.

There's important wisdom packed into these 12 minutes -  you'll come away from this episode with great overview of what you need to master to level up as a Founder. Have a listen and let me know what you think - find the episode here!

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Steve August
March 4, 2022