The One Metric That Can Transform Your Business

As a Founder, you’ve likely learned the important of metrics for your business. The thing is, there are so many metrics to choose from.

There are financial metrics like revenue and profit.
There are marketing metrics like CAC and churn.
There are product metrics like Net promoter score and month-over-month growth.

All of these metrics tell you really important things about your business. But how do you know which to focus on?

What if you could have one metric that everyone could point to and understand instantly how it all fits together?

What if there was one metric that made it simple for everyone in your company to how to focus their thinking and efforts?

Finding this one metric can transform your business.

It exists. I call it the Boss Metric.​​

And in this week’s episode of the Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast, I show you how to find it.​

T​his might be the single most impactful episode to date!Have a listen and let me know what you think - find the episode here!

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