What I Learned from 26 Seed Stage Founders

Steve August
April 25, 2023
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Bigger Game Mindset

Last week I had the absolute privilege to facilitate 26 Seed Stage Founders at a 3-day retreat in Portugal.

The Founders at this retreat are whip smart, ambitious and working on huge game changing ideas in biotech, food tech, robotics, crypto/Web 3.0 B2B software as well as consumer goods.

It was a brilliant few days of sharing, learning and camaraderie in the Founder journey.  My job was to teach my most valuable lessons, and give participants as many opportunities to learn from each other as I could create.

As the facilitator and the person presenting content, I shared the most important key lessons and skills from my Founder journey and life. And I think everything landed well.

But the little secret of these events is that the facilitator learns as much or more from the participants. And this was no exception.

In this week's Rocket Ship Founder episode, I talk about the biggest lessons I learned from leading, coaching and talking with 26 Seed Stage Founders. Things I'll cover:

  • The 3 universal issues that every Founder faces no matter what category
  • The 2 biggest issues Founders navigate in Seed Stage
  • The single most disorienting thing once you get to your Series A
  • And a bonus - one phrase that can help save your relationship with your significant other

This 13-minute listen is will get you thinking about your business from important different angles.

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