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Steve August
January 26, 2021
5 Rules for Rocket Ships
Ruthless Simplicity

The longer I’m in the game of business and life, the more I understand everything comes down to focus.

We all have incredible power at our disposal. It’s the power of our attention. The things that we grace with our consistent focus will grow.

The challenge, of course, is that the world is constantly throwing a thousand shiny objects at us in the hopes of grabbing our attention.

The media, social media companies, games, apps, gurus, and brands collectively spend billions of dollars simply to compete for brief moments of our attention.

Our businesses do this as well. Every day offers a competing array of needs and options for our attention.

So the most precious resource is not data, not even time, but our attention and focus.

The most successful Founders share one trait. They figure out what handful of things will move them forward the fastest and then ruthlessly block everything else out. They create Ruthless Simplicity. (Which is why it’s the Rule #1 of the Five Rules for Rocket Ships).

Ruthless Simplicity starts with planning:

  1. Knowing what your business exists to do (and for whom that means the MOST).
  2. Having a vision where you want to be in the mid to long term
  3. Breaking that down into the most discreet achievable chunks
  4. Then persistently focusing on knocking out those chunks each day/week/quarter

Without the right kind of focus, our efforts become scattered, leaving us with lots of activity, but little progress.

But when our attention is focused on the handful of things that will truly move us forward, even the smallest of our actions produces tremendous results.  

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