What's between you and your next breakthrough

Steve August
January 12, 2023
Bigger Game Mindset
5 Rules for Rocket Ships

This week, I made quite a few people uncomfortable. Or more accurately, I made them face things that were uncomfortable.

These are not fun conversations. They can be real gut punches.  

But it may be one of the most important ways I help Founders.B ecause I've learned over the years that on the other side the uncomfortable things are the biggest breakthroughs.

Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz was once asked what made him a good CEO. He said, "because I went right at uncomfortable things instead of away from them.

"In this week's Rocket Ship Founder Podcast Episode, I talk about why facing the biggest uncomfortable things in your business is one of the essential skills Founders need to cultivate.

Because if you don't face the big uncomfortable things in your business,  you'll still end up dealing with their effects on your business every day.

And eventually it catches up to you anyway.

The good news is that your next breakthrough is on the other side of the uncomfortable stuff.In this week's Rocket Ship Founder Podcast episode, I cover:

  1. Why facing the uncomfortable creates breakthroughs
  2. The single most important question to ask yourself and your team
  3. How to make friends with the uncomfortable.
  4. A powerful question that will help you move through challenges

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