When the hits keep coming

Steve August
December 1, 2022
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This week's Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast episode is one of my most personal. I hope you will find valuable to you as a Founder, but even more importantly, as a person.

This week was a challenging week for several of my Founders. There was dev team drama, co-founder dysfunction, product milestones slipping, big clients wins falling through at the 11th hour, dealing with crazy board members and the usual day-to-day fires.

For me, it was a challenging week as well.  Our now 20-year old kiddo has been fighting a debilitating and painful medical condition called a CSF Leak over the past three years. In April this year, we finally found a doctor who could patch them. We've had a good seven month run and life was slowly getting back to something resembling normal. Until last Sunday, when their patch failed and the leak symptoms returned.  

In business and in life, it can sometimes feel like the hits just keep coming. You think you've got everything buttoned down and under control. And then you get kicked in the teeth.

Yet, here we are. Still in the fight. Pushing for the things and people we care deeply about.

In this week's Rocket Ship Business Academy podcast episode,  I share 3 hugely important things I draw on when I hit these waves of challenges. I'll cover:

  1. The single most important question to ask yourself when you are facing tough challenges
  2. Why you need to focus on the pain, and what you need to let go of
  3. How to find the hidden blessings in every crisis

If you are facing a tough challenge, I hope this episode gives you some comfort and some tools to help you through.

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