When You Don't Want The Business You Have

Steve August
August 10, 2020
Ruthless Simplicity
5 Rules for Rocket Ships

An interesting trend has come up in conversations with a subset of Founders I've been talking to.

They've realized that the business they have isn't the one they want.

From the outside you'd never guess. They've worked hard and created businesses that, by most standards, are very successful.

So how does this happen?

This gets expressed in a couple of ways:

1. The Grind

"This company is just not fun anymore. We've been trying for a while but, we just can't seem to get past this current level. I'm working too many hours and not seeing the reward."

2. Unfulfillment

"We're making money, and doing well financially, but the work isn't satisfying anymore. I'd like to make a bigger impact on the world.

The bad news is that these issues point to deeper issues within the business. Issues that likely have been there for a long time, but have not been addressed.

The good news is that is that this realization is usually the impetus for business owners to finally address these deeper issues.

If the business has become a grind, it's likely because growth has stalled and the organization isn't structured, aligned and performing at a high enough level

If it feels unfulfilling, it's likely because your are not working from your true self and serving your ideal customers.

Businesses have a funny way of telling you exactly what's going on. You just have to pay close attention to those signals.

Ignore them long enough, and you'll find yourself with a business you don't want.

Awareness is the first step. Then you have to get Ruthlessly Clear on what you really want your business to be. If things are fuzzy, it won't happen.

Then start making the changes to get you there.

The changes are usually simple, but hard.

They require letting go of old ways of thinking and doing and embracing new ones.

They may require saying goodbye to certain team members and customers in order to flow to the new state.

A wise person once said, "often, the things you most want are on the other side of something uncomfortable."

But ultimately, that's business and life. You have within your power the ability to create what you want.

The trick is getting clear on what you actually want, and then making the hard choices.

Until next time,


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