You Have ONE Job

Steve August
October 6, 2022
5 Rules for Rocket Ships

Founders who work with me know hear something over and over. They hear it so much, they probably get annoyed with me.

But it’s the essence of my work. And it’s critical to their success.

Here’s how it goes. Client or prospect comes with a laundry list of updates and challenges.

Then I dig in with questions and together we figure out “THE problem to solve.”

Because usually there’s one underlying problem to solve - and everything else is just a symptom of that problem.

You have ONE job:  identify and solve THE problem to solve.

In this week’s Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast episode, I talk about:

1. How to find THE Problem to solve
2. How to differentiate between THE Problem and symptoms
3. The core problems to solve at each phase of your business...
4. ...the key question to ask to help you start start solving them.

This 11-minute episode will create a new level of clarity for your sales. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Find the episode here!

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