Fixing Your Web Site Won't Fix Your Sales

Steve August
September 22, 2022
Customer Creation Flywheel

This month is all about troubleshooting sales, the most common pressing challenge selected by the 2000+ founders who have taken my Founder Type Quiz.

Today I was talking with one of my clients and he mentioned that they decided not to renew their social media agency, since they weren’t getting any ROI (something that’s all too common). He was going to turn his attention to their website and update it.

I told him that’s fine, but it won’t fix your sales.

It’s not that they don’t need a web site.

It’s not that social media can’t be an effective channel.

In fact it’s not any one thing  - web site, social, ads, etc - that will crack the sales challenge and give you the fast growth you are looking for.

But here’s what will.

There are 3 things that need to be in place:

  1. An offer that reliably converts for your ideal customers
  2. A way to consistently bring those ideal customers to you
  3. And a cost of acquisition and delivery that makes it all worth it

Another way to think of it is what Perry Marshall calls the Tactical Triangle: Traffic-Conversion-Economics

Of course this sounds simple in theory, but is much more challenging in practice.

In this week’s Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast episode, I talk about how to put these in place and what’s required to make it happen:

Key topics I’ll hit:

  • The very first step you need to take to make sales go
  • The difference between your offer and your product/service
  • How to create a compelling customer journey

Are you a Founder who feels alone in your journey? I've been there! Reach out to

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