Scaling Sales: The Missing Step

Steve August
July 21, 2022

This week’s Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast episode comes in response to yet another question from my list - and it’s one that’s sure to resonate with many Founders. When asked what their single biggest challenge is, this founder answered:”Scaling to increase revenue and expand services.”
Scaling sales is a big topic. There’s a ton of information out there on positioning, building funnels, doing cold email outreach, content marketing, consultative selling. In other words, lots of specific tactics.But just jumping into tactics skips perhaps the MOST important step: defining your ideal customer.Without this step, all of your strategies and tactics may go to waste.In this episode, I give you a simple, yet incredibly powerful framework for identifying your ideal customer. I cover:

  • Walking you through this ideal customer framework
  • How to avoid trying to scale with the wrong customers
  • 2 things you probably haven’t considered in defining your ideal customer
  • Why narrow and specific is crucial to scaling
  • And…an even more powerful way of thinking that breaks through mental blocks on scaling

Important! There is a surprise twist to this exercise, that takes it to an even more powerful place. I’m not going to give it away in the podcast episode.However, anybody who listens to the episode and does the exercise can just replay back to me and I’ll coach you via email through the twist that will create a next level unlock for you.This 13-minute episode will create a new level of clarity for your sales. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Find the episode here!

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