Founder Type Quiz Results

Steve August
March 4, 2022

My Founder Type Quiz has recently hit a new milestone…



One of my favorite things about the Founder Type Quiz is, not only do Founders learn something about themselves, I’m also able to learn about Founders.

If you’ve gone through the Quiz yourself and are curious to see how you compare to other Founders, I wanted to share some of the insights I have gathered below.

The 3 Key findings that I focused on were:

  1. Founder Type
  2. Company Stage
  3. Biggest Challenge

Here’s what I discovered:

Founder Types

  1. Type V Founders (Visionaries/Evangelists) represented nearly half of Quiz Takers at 49.4%
  2. Type E Founders (Expert Craftspersons) followed with 28.3%
  3. Type O Founders (Organizational Maestros) made up 14.9% of Quiz Takers.
  4. Type B Founders (Empire Builders) made up the least of Quiz Takers with only 7.5%
Founder Type Quiz Data (Founder Types)

Company Stage:

  1. The vast majority of Founders, 65.8%, are in the Pre-Revenue-$500K Stage
  2. 13.2% of Founders are in the $1M-$5M Stage
  3. 11.1% of Founders are in the $500k-$1M Stage 
  4. 5.9% of Founders are in the $10M+ Stage
  5. Only 4.1% of Founders are in the $5M-$10M Stage
Founder Type Quiz Data (Company Stage)

Biggest Challenges:

  1. Growing Sales was the biggest challenge for 22.8% of Founders
  2. Getting Funding was a close second at 22.5% of Founders
  3. Building & Managing a Team was the biggest challenge for 19% of Founders
  4. Product Market Fit was the biggest challenge for 17.4% of Founders
  5. Managing Stress & Burnout was the biggest challenge for 14.3% of Founders
  6. Only 3.9% of Founders are experiencing challenges related to Co-Founder Issues.
Founder Type Quiz Data (Biggest Challenge )

Naturally, a common trend among all Founder Types in the Pre-Revenue to $1 Million Stage, were challenges related to Growing Sales and Getting Funding. However, the biggest challenges shifted for Founders in later stages of company growth.

For example, the biggest challenges for founders of companies in the $5M-10M+ stage were either related to Building and Managing a Team (Especially for Experts and Empire Builders) and Managing Stress and Burnout (Especially for Organizational Maestros and Visionaries).

I had a lot of fun combing through the data and seeing the common challenges that founders face.

So, how do your results compare to other Founders? Any surprises?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in a comment on this post

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