Your To-Do List is Working Against You

Steve August
January 27, 2022

There is a productivity tool that you are most likely using… and it is killing your business.

But...t’s not your fault.

Countless experts, gurus, softwares, books, podcasts, and articles have unwittingly promoted this tool… without understanding the damage it can cause.

What tool am I referring to?

The To-Do List.

Believe it or not, your to-do list is actually working against you.

I’ve seen this over and over again with the Founders I coach.

It is a really interesting phenomenon.

To-Do Lists are supposed to be extremely useful for the growth of your business.

There are dozens of project management softwares, systems, and time management protocols that are centered around perfecting our To-Do Lists.

But the BIG problem is To-Do Lists do not accurately reflect our time constraints or our capacity to complete tasks.

Founders go through a never-ending cycle of ticking off items on their To-Do List while filling it back up.

It never ends.

Instead of feeling accomplished and productive, it leaves Founders and business owners feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Instead, I advise all of my clients to skip the To-Do List altogether and focus their time and attention on their calendar.

Your calendar represents your capacity.

It represents where projects and tasks fit into your busy schedule.

Whereas a To-Do List just gets filled up and is constantly added to.

Your calendar sets realistic boundaries to what you can accomplish in a given time.

When you start utilizing your Calendar over a To-Do List, it forces you to…

  • Make realistic decisions about what and when things get done.
  • Decide what is actually important and vital to your growth
  • Delegate to team members faster
  • Establish a structure that enables actionable, repeatable, and accountable methods

This all leads to creating simplicity, focus, and leverage in your business… instead of stress, confusion, and overwhelm!

Sounds great, right?

So, how do you make this transition if you have been a Life-Long, Chronic To-Do Lister?

You must identify what your Max Leverage Activities are.

This is where the game starts and how you can make it ruthlessly simple for you to know where you should put your time.

When you understand what your Max Leverage Activities are, you know where you should put your attention and can filter all of your tasks and figure out where they fit on your calendar.

This is a process that I take my clients through, and it's so powerful. 

For the first time, I wanted to offer these systems and processes to the general public, not just my 1-on-1 coaching students.

I’m launching a brand new course that walks you through creating your ideal Founder Calendar.

It’s called, The Ruthlessly Simple Founder Calendar.

It starts February 15th, and you can sign up by clicking here.

You're going to come away with a very different way of thinking about structuring your time. 

You're going to have a whole new perspective on your to-do list and what it's really doing and not doing for you. 

Can’t wait to see you in the course!

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