How To Make Complex Sales Simple

Steve August
September 15, 2022

This month is all about troubleshooting sales, the most common pressing challenge selected by the 2000+ founders who have taken my Founder Type Quiz.  Recently, when I asked the question, when it comes to sales, what’s your single biggest challenge, one subscribers responded:

“Our sales is complex AND is highly affected by timing.”

I have personal experience with this as my first startup, the market research software company Revelation had a complex sale that was very highly affected by timing. This made it extremely hard to scale the business!

I can’t tell you all the frustrating ways I tried to solve that issue. I tried different marketing systems, different sales methodologies, different team members. I looked for a lot of silver bullets (spoiler alert: there are no silver bullets!).

I have to confess I never truly cracked it - until my company achieved its exit and I saw how the people who bought us operated.

It was all about making the complex sale simple. In this week’s Rocket Ship Business Academy Podcast episode, I talk about how to think through your complex sale and make it simple and less dependent on timing.

Key topics I’ll hit:

  • How to simplify a complex sale
  • How your Founder Type works against you (and what to do about it!)
  • How to craft a selling proposition that breaks through the clutter
  • How to identify ways to reduce timing dependencies

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