Your Impact is Your Anchor

Recently, I was working with a client to figure out what his key priorities were for the quarter. As Co-Founder and the main technical person at the company, he’s been a carrying a heroic workload as the company went through a Covid pivot. Now on the other side of the pivot, the company is poised to grow rapidly.

As we talked through his endless list of priorities, all of which seemed equally pressing, he expressed a sense of overwhelm. So much to do, so much on his plate, and he was having a hard time seeing the way through.

We decided to use my OKRocks Planning Method to see if we could break things down into more manageable chunks. As a part of the method, we talked about the impact he felt he was here to make. I pushed him to look not just at his current company, but also back over his career and see what the common thread was.

As we explored the subject, it became clear that one of his themes was creating true connections with people.

We then looked back through his list of priorities with this lens and started to ask questions:

“Which of your activities most contribute to making your impact?”
“How can your efforts be magnified?”
“What can you do to solve some of these challenges permanently?”
“What areas can we improve right now that would multiply the impact you want to create?”

And as we worked through the priorities, he was able to start getting clarity on which items were going to move him forward the most.

Most importantly, his energy changed from overwhelmed and frustrated to excited and focused.

That’s the power of anchoring to your impact.

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March 4, 2022