You Have More Resources Than You Think

There was a point during my first startup where I thought the whole thing was going to slide off the cliff. This wasn't in the early days - it was later on after we had momentum. We had a stupendously bad quarter and lost over $250k, which was catastrophic for us at the time. At the time, iIt felt to me like we were really strapped and extremely thin on resources. I brought in a contract COO who help me right the ship and get us on the trajectory to our eventual successful exit. One of the biggest lessons I learned from him was that we had so many more resources than I thought - they were just on the other side of some very hard decisions. In this episode, I recount this story, and more importantly I tell you the 4 places to look to uncover the most likely areas to find more resources for your company.
In this episode, I share:

  • How we had a near fatal Q4
  • The 4 places to look to find more resources inside your company
  • How not facing hard decisions will always catch up with

There's important wisdom packed into these 12 minutes -  you'll come away from this episode with new tools to turn adversity into opportunity. Have a listen and let me know what you think - find the episode here!

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Steve August
March 4, 2022